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Mindful Eating

Hi everyone, It is time to get mindful! How many of you practice Mindful Eating? Mindful Eating is a great practice to take on. It can help you with getting your need for satisfaction met from food. It can help you get in touch with your hunger and fullness cues. It can help you connect to your eating behaviors and habits around food. Paying more attention to the experience of eating can help you improve your diet as well as manage food cravings. What is Mindful Eating? Mindful Eating is being able to maintain an "in the moment" awareness of the food and drinks you are consuming. It involves observing how the food makes you feel and the signals your body sends about taste, satisfaction and fullness. It requires you to simply acknowledge and accept rather than judge or even criticize the feelings, thoughts and body sensations that are observed. What are the benefits of Mindful Eating? By eating mindfully, it can help you to examine your relationship with food. It can help you slow down and let food connect from your tummy to your brain with clearer signals.. It can help you derive greater pleasure from your food. It can help you improve your digestion, feel fullness and make better choices. Let's do a Mindful Eating Challenge! For the next 30 days... try this exercise with at least one meal that you have each day. If you can do more than one meal, then great, go right ahead! The more you practice, the better you will get at it and the more it will become part of your routine for every meal! MINDFUL EATING EXERCISE ✅ Create a beautiful environment. Use a tablecloth and attractive plates. Add flowers and unscented candles. ✅ Take 1-2 deep cleansing breaths. Become aware of your internal cues of hunger and appetite. Be aware of your environment, feelings, thoughts, and body sensations. ✅ Look at the food. Notice the colors and textures. Be aware of your internal responses. How do you feel? Slowly bring the food up to your nose and experience its aroma. ✅ Before eating, take another centered breath. ✅ Slowly take a bite. Be aware of how the food tastes, and also how you feel about this food. Be aware of how the food feels in your mouth and in your body. ✅ Eat slowly. Savor the flavors. Taste the food. Chew thoroughly. ✅ Breathe as you eat. This slows down thinking and makes you aware of the sensations in your body. ✅ Be aware of your satisfaction level. Touch base with your feelings and your physical comfort level. ✅ Stop eating at the point of maximum comfort. Your stomach is filled, not stuffed. There is neither a sensation of hunger nor any discomfort from overeating. Your appetite is satisfied. In order to be aware of your stopping point, slow down and pay attention. Good luck and stay tuned for more information on my social media pages on this Mindful Eating Challenge! Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy week! Ellen


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